The Pourover method has been popularized by the wave of specialty coffee that is sweeping across the world. It is in no doubt one of the best methods to extract delicate flavours and aromas for light roasted coffees. Here we are illustrating with the Kalita Wave stainless steel dripper, a great apparatus for beginners and experienced home-brewers alike. Its flat bottom allows a more even extraction and its wave-like filter, which helps avoid the paper filer (and therefore the coffee grounds) sticking to the wall of the dropper, also promotes extraction efficiency.

What you need:-

  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Kalita Wave stainless steel dripper 155 or 185
  • Kalita Wave paper filter 155 or 185 (correspond to dripper)
  • A flask to drip coffee into
  • A kettle with a long narrow pouring spout
  • A scale, a thermometer and a stop watch

Step 1: Grind & Boil

Grind 15g of coffee to the fineness between table salt and kosher salt.

Boil kettle of water.

Step 2: Prepare Apparatus

Put paper filter in dripper, wet the filter and preheat flask with hot water.

Step 3: Coffee in Filter

Discard water. Put coffee into filter-lined dripper and put flask and dripper on top of scale. Tare to zero.

Step 4: Pour and Bloom

Depending on the roast degree, water is suitable for brewing from 93ºc to 90ºc (City to City+). Slowly pour 20-25g water to wet the coffee grounds. The aim here is to evenly wet and saturate the coffee in the filter, and ideally without much water dripping through. If coffee is fresh you will see the grounds rising to form a dome (bloom). Let coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds.

Step 5: Finish Pouring & Serve

Pour slowly and evenly in a circular motion, expanding out from the middle to the outter sides and then gradually bring the pour in again. Have the spout of the kettle close to grounds to avoid excessive agitation. Repeat the pouring motion until the scale reads 225g. Remove the filter from the flask.

Enjoy your pourover coffee in a warm glass!



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