Peru Jaen Huabal Finca Laurel Wilson Olivera (200g)

Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1800 masl
Process: Natural
Roast: City to City+
Tasting Notes: Clean, light and sweet, blackberry

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South America is one of the continents which we don’t always focus a lot on. But with countries like Peru and Bolivia consistently producing higher quality coffee, we are excited to showcase them to you going forward.

Finca El Laurel is situated on a high altitude of MASL 1,800m. The owner, Wilson Olivera, owns 3 parcels of land which are know for producing some of the highest scoring microlots in the Cenfrocafe, a co-op of more than 2,000 producers.

Only Caturra and Typica are grown and only the ripest cherries are picked, which contributes the higher quality of the end-product. The coffee we have here is natural processed, but is extremely clean and light, with a sweet blackberry note on the palette.