Panama Volcan Carmen Estate Black Winey (200g)

Altitude:  1700-2000 masl
Process:  Natural
Roast:  City
Tasting Notes:  Tropical fruits, nuts, winey-ness more apparently when cooled

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Carmen Estate has been producing and exporting high quality Arabica coffee for over 50 years. Carlos Aguilera is the third generation owner of the single estate and mill set up by his grandparents, Efrain and Carmen Franceschi in 1960.

The estate is situated in the Paso Ancho Valley, which is located in the Chiriqui province, close to the border with Costa Rica in western Panama. Paso Ancho Valley lies on the western slopes of the Baru Volcano. The Baru is an inactive volcano located between the Boquete and Volcan-Candela areas. At 3,500 meters above sea level, the Baru is the highest point in Panama. The Baru Volcano has provided very rich, deep and fertile soils to the Paso Ancho Valley micro region. This coupled with regular rainfall and appropriate altitude are a key factor in the outstanding quality portrayed by the coffee produced in this micro region.

This is a ”winey” processed lot, which means that fully ripe cherry is picked, sorted sent for drying. This winey coffee is sun-dried or on raised beds to allow greater airflow during drying as the cherry which is still on the bean provides the opportunity for spoiling. The result is a more full-bodied, slightly winey, sweeter coffee with less acidity. Interestingly, there is also nuttiness displayed in this coffee which somewhat resembles a honey-processed bean.