Panama Finca Hartman Pacamara Winey Natural

Altitude: 1260 – 1500 masl
Varietal:  Pacamara
Process:  Anaerobic natural
Roast:  Light
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, dark chocolate, guava; well-structured body

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The Hartman Family in Panama requires no introduction to coffeeholics. Their story starts two generations ago with Alois Hartmann, who settled in Panama in 1912. His son, Ratibor, established Finca Hartmann with 100 hectares of virgin rainforest he inherited from his father. Today, the land is shared by Ratibor’s five children. The rainforest has been preserved with the coffee grown under the shade of the canopy, and the family continues to plant native trees to ensure the ecosystem’s health.

Whilst this lot is not their famed Gesha that recently sold for USD150/cup, it is still a coffee that is full of Panamanian character – blueberry, guava and dark chocolate, with a well-structured body.