Nicaragua Finca el Limoncillo Washed Java (200g)


Varietal: Java Nica
Altitude: 850 – 1150 masl
Process: Washed
Roast: City
Tasting Notes: Sweet lemon candy; medium body

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Owned by the Mierisch family and located in the Matagalpa region, Finca Limoncello is a huge 171 hectares where 109 hectares of it is for coffee growing. Truly a nature lover’s paradise, Limoncillo is a model of sustainability for a coffee farm. Heavy forest provides shade for coffee and habitat for numerous species of birds, animals, and insects while receiving an annual rainfall of about 150 inches. The farm was given its name from an unusual growth of lemon trees that was originally found here.

The “Java Nica” cultivar is a special heirloom variety that gained notoriety when it took second place in the 2008 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. This particular variety is of “typica” descent and its roots can be traced back to the origins of coffee in Eastern Africa. This coffee produces an intense and distinct fragrance of lemon candy and has a smooth mouthfeel. A very nice coffee for the morning.