Honduras Santa Barbara Wilson Moreno Lempira Natural (200g)


Varietal:  Lempira
Process:  Natural
Roast:  City to City+
Tasting Notes:  Very ripe tropical fruit, smooth and winey, very sweet

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For a couple of years now, we have on our roster coffees from a renowned coffee mill (beneficio), San Vicente, in West Honduras. Whilst traditionally this mill supplies high quality coffee from smallholder farms that are too small to separate into lots, in recent years single farmer “microlots” have started to gain popularity, especially along with events such as the Cup of Excellence competition began showcasing coffees from the aldeas (villages) around Peña Blanca – such as El Cielito, El Cedral and Las Flores.

This particular coffee is from the Moreno family. This is a delicious coffee with a deep, somewhat fermented, sweetness to it. The varietal should also be of interest since the Lempira is generally only available in Honduras. It is a high yielding variety that was developed and distributed throughout the country by IHCAFE (Honduras’ national coffee institute).