Honduras Santa Barbara Nelson Ramirez Lot 1 Natural (200g)

Altitude: 1500-1550 masl
Varietal:  Parainema
Process:  Natural
Roast:  City+
Tasting Notes:  Very ripe tropical fruits, such as yellow peach, very sweet

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Nelson Ramírez’s farm—nicknamed “Chely” after his mother—is located in the mountains above Lake Yojoa in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. These coffees grow around 1550 masl, under heavy fog coming up from the lake below. These cooler temperatures, as well as other conditions unique to this micro-climate, contribute to slow the maturation process of the coffee, yielding a flavour that is unique in its complexity. The area provides some challenges to those hoping to grow high quality coffee. The location, close to a large area of jungle, and at high altitude, means a great deal of rainfall, especially during harvest season, leading to great difficulty in consistently drying coffees. The low night temperatures here, along with the wet climate, can also lead to ‘freezing’ of the coffee plant, where cherries cease to mature on the tree, leading to crop loss. However, all of these challenges only serve to strengthen the resolve of the farmers here, and the vast majority of Honduran Cup of Excellence winners have come from Santa Barbara, since the inception of the competition here in 2005.

The coffee varietal we have here is also a Parainema, similar to our other washed Hondurian coffee this season. This natural coffee is sweet and full of riped tropical fruits. A “happy” coffee.