Guatemala New Oriente Finca Caldreas Pacas Winey (200g)


Varietal:  Pacas
Process:  Winey
Roast:  City
Tasting Notes:  Passion fruit tea, ripe blueberries

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New Oriente is a small region to the eastern edge of Guatemala, butting up against the Honduran border. Its climate is cloudier and rainier than some of the other regions, and the relatively stable temperatures and limited sunlight create a full-bodied coffee with loads of balance. In the 1980s, responding to the increasing demand for specialty coffee, the region took off. One of Guatemala’s poorest and most isolated areas historically, the region is now growing rapidly and small estates are beginning to cultivate coffee across the entire region. Located over what was once a volcanic range, its soil is made from metamorphic rock. This makes it balanced in minerals and very different from Guatemala’s volcanic regions, which have all seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.

Black Winey process is similar to the Natural process that we’re all familiar with. Ripe cherry is picked, sorted and sent for drying. This Winey coffee is sun-dried or on raised beds to allow greater airflow during drying as the cherry which is still on the bean provides the opportunity for spoiling. The process gives coffee a fuller-body, some winey flavours, a sweeter profile with less up-front acidity.