Ethiopia Guji Hambela G1 Buku Lot 280 Natural (200g)

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude: 2100 masl
Processing: Natural
Roast: City to City+
Tasting Notes: Berries and peach schnapps, very sweet

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Seventy-five kilometers beyond Yirgacheffe in Guji lies the farm Hambela, a 200-hectare coffee farm that includes a wet mill, dry mill, drying beds, and parchment storage. Three brothers own Hambela: Aman, Michael, and Tariku Adinew and they also own and run METAD. METAD is an incredible Ethiopian coffee company that specializes in high-end specialty coffee. The property belonged to their parents and had been abandoned for decades until they invested and reclaimed the old family tradition of coffee farming. The farm is certified organic, and the brothers have a tremendous heart for people and quality coffee. Within Hambela, there are multiple cherry drop spots. One of these outstanding micro-lots of the farm is Buku.

This small lot of coffee was slow dried on a single layer, taking around 18 days. It resulted in the coffee being extremely sweet and fruity.  When hot the coffee exhibits a fairly typical flavour profile of a dry-processed Ethiopian, but when it gets cooler, the peach schnapps pops out, making it very delightful to drink.