Ethiopia Gedeo Chelbesa Abera G1 Natural (200g)

Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 2400 masl
Processing: Natural
Roast: Light
Tasting Notes: Lychee, guava, peach, dark chocolate

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This spectacular, high-altitude Ehtiopian coffee is from one single farmer in the remote area of Halo Bariti. His name is Abera Gole.

Abera Gole is one farmer with 10 acres of land among the 255 farmers in wild, remote Halo Bariti. He sorted his crop to a grade 1 status and kept it separated from the rest of the coffee. The beans are nice and uniform and roast well, something that no roasters would take for granted for an Ethiopian natural coffee.

Whilst this coffee is being marketed and officially labeled as a Yirgacheffe, but in truth, it is grown too far south to be Yirgacheffe and is technically part of the Gedeb region in the Gedeo zone. Halo Bariti is a new fair trade organic co-op that has only been in existence since 2012. The members of the co-op own their own land and can boast that they have the highest altitude to work with in the entire country of Ethiopia. It’s an area where wild, heirloom coffee grows naturally, and even though this co-op is cultivating the coffee plants for commercial sale, they still grow heirloom varietals native to their land, some of which aren’t grown anywhere else in the world.

Flavour wise, this lot is clean and fruity, boasting tropical fruit notes of lychee, guava and peach, with a hint of dark chocolate at the end.