Espro Travel Press

Now you can brew your own delicious coffee and take it everywhere with you, even when you are on the go or travelling overseas. Available in 5 smart-looking colours, the Espro TravelPress is a must-have!

See our French Press brew guide for brewing instructions.

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The Espro TravelPress is a wonderful product. It is just like the Espro® Press but in a thermos cup. Available in 5 smart looking colours, you can make your favourite coffee just like you would with a French Press/Plunger at home and take it out the door with you in this 8oz TravelPress. You can have a sip of your favourite coffee in the car or drink it throughout your morning meetings. Just be careful when sipping because the coffee will be hot for hours!

You can bring the Espro TravelPress with you when travelling abroad and will not have to put up with instant coffee in hotel rooms anymore. If you travel all the time and care about your coffee, THIS is a must-have product for you!