Costa Rica Tarrazu Hacienda La Minita (200g)


Varietal:  Caturra, Caturra red, Caturra yellow, Hibridoru
Altitude:  1300 – 1800 masl
Process:  Wet
Roast:  City+
Tasting Notes:  Nuts, raisins and milk chocolate, buttery mouthfeel

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Hacienda La Minita is La Minita’s flagship farm located in the picturesque landscape of the Tarrazu region in central Costa Rica.

The plantation lies on 700 acres in the steeply graded, mountainous region with elevations between 4,000 to 7,000 feet. The estate farm produces several qualities of coffee but their signature coffee, La Minita Tarrazu, has very limited production; approximately 1700 bags per year .

The attention to detail is extreme, beginning with what can be described as ordinary gardening techniques, but on a large scale, as all the work is done by hand. No pesticides are used on the plantation but fortunately with the estate’s altitude and micro-climate have largely limit the number of pests. Harvesting of La Minita’s coffee is another process that require meticulous care. The maturing of coffee berries is uneven and stretched out over a long period of time within the region. Ripened berries are harvested first whilst berries that are not yet ready are being left on trees. Sometimes it will take up to 5 pickings to complete harvesting.