Costa Rica Central Valley Brumas San Miguel Red Honey (200g)

Altitude:  1,350 – 1,600 masl
Process:  Red Honey
Roast:  City+
Tasting Notes: Apricot, plum, nougat, intensely sweet and round, without any sharp acidity

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This coffee is processed by the famous Brumas del Zurqui micromill in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The mill itself is most famous for their honey-processed coffees, regularly achieving excellent results in COE competitions. Established in 2004 by Juan Ramon Alvarado and Natalia Gomez whose family has been involved in coffee production for over a century. Juan Ramon is a pioneer in honey coffee, which involves analyzing sugar levels in coffee and the amount of mucilage left on the coffee bean after the cherry has been removed. Brumas del Zurqui micromill processes honey and natural coffee only and has a growing reputation for its exceptional coffee production.

This coffee is intensely sweet and round, having flavours such as apricot, plum and nougat. A wonderful coffee for cooler weather.