Costa Rica Brunca Finca La Guaca Catuai Black Honey (200g)

Altitude:  1,600 masl
Process:  Black Honey
Roast:  City+
Tasting Notes: Sweet winter spices, barley tea

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Finca La Guaca, or “the Gem”, is so named because people of the region used to look for gold and it is believed that the indigenous people had buried a treasure. Located at 1600 m.a.s.l., between two very important mountains, Cerro de la Muerte and Cerro Chirripó, this region has proven to be ideal for specialty coffee production. Since buying the farm 25 years ago, Mr. Régulo and his family dedicated their lives to sustainable coffee production. They kept all the native trees of the region and planted fruit trees that will feed the birds. They have protected the water springs by soil maintenance practices and for the last two years have received the Ecologic Blue Flag award. In their care their Catuai plants flourished and became the first farm in the Brunca coffee region to be amongst the 35 Cup of Excellence Costa Rica winners in 2015.