Colombia Huila El Silencio Red Fruits Pink Bourbon (200g)

Altitude: 1700-2200 masl
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Two-stage extended fermentation washed
Roast: Light
Tasting Notes: White flowers, delicate citrusy, light caramel, silky mouthfeel

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This is a stunning high cup-score micro-lot produced from Pink Bourbon varietal trees grown by small-hold farmers at high altitudes in Colombia. Pink Bourbon is a rare varietal that has become well-known for producing incredible flavours.

EL Silencio Red Fruits is a collective lot of the hard work of 5 farmers from the municipality of Palestina, Huila. Coffee is very carefully hand harvested from pink bourbon varietal trees and then put through a thoughtful multi-step fermentation and pulping process involving the following:

– The freshly picked cherries are dry fermented for 12hrs.
– The coffee is thenpulped to remove the outer skin and some of the mucilage.
– The coffee is fermented for a second time for 24 hours in tanks soaked in water
– Coffee is washed and dried on raised beds.

The end result is a high-scoring, delicate-tasting coffee with a beautiful mouthfeel.