Colombia Huila Acevedo Primaveral (200g)

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia
Altitude: 1300 – 1700 masl
Process: Washed
Roast: City to City+
Tasting Notes: Orange peel, black currant candy, milk chocolate, clean finish

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Asociacion de Productores Primaveral is located near the town of Acevedo in the State of Huila in Southern Colombia, between San Augustin & Pitalito. The association currently consists of 54 farms of various sizes and they have about 120 hectares of land in production, growing mainly Caturra with a little bit of Variedad Colombia at 1,300 to 1,700 meters. This is an absolutely stunning part of the world, rich with tropical fruit, flowers, birds, insects, and a deeply colored, heavy sky that seems close enough to touch. Coffee in this region is hand-picked with usually four to five passes throughout the harvest season, picking only ripe cherry. The coffee is depulped, washed, fermented overnight, and laid out to dry on raised beds with a parabolic cover to keep out the rain and dew.

The association has hired a trained cupper, which has boosted their ability to produce coffees of the highest quality. While the association has many years of experience in producing coffee, it is only recently (and largely due to the influence of the neighbouring Los Naranjos association) that it has expressed interest in entering into an incentivized structure, one which is built primarily around quality.

All the association’s coffee is brought to a central warehouse where the coffee is scored by the cupper. If the coffee does not score above an 86, it is sold to a local mill and/or exporter to be added to the regional blend. If the coffee scores from 86-88, it is kept and labelled as La Primaveral and the farmer is paid a differential. When a coffee scores 88-90 points, the farmer receives a premium and the coffee is set aside and sold as a micro-lot. If the coffee scores above 90, the farmer receives an even higher premium and again, the coffee is kept to be sold as an exclusive micro-lot. This means there is a proper incentive for the association as a whole to produce coffee of the very highest quality. This system also acknowledges and rewards those farmers and coffees which perform exceptionally well.