Canned coffee – Colombia Finca Migos Washed 250ml

Your fridge needs this!! A hand-crafted carbonated single origin iced coffee, unique in the market!!

Coffee: Colombia Finca Migos Washed
Brewing method: Flash brew (+carbonation after)
Flavour characteristic: Refreshing, crisp, a hint of dried plums


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We have put our beloved single origin specialty coffee into a can, and made it sparkly!!

The flash brew method is one where the coffee is brewed with hot water, and then cooled immediately, with limited amount of immersion time. This is in contrast with the cold brew method where coffee grounds is steeped in cold water for a prolonged period of time. With the different brewing approach, the resulting coffee comes out to be of different characters too. Flash brew tends to be crisper, lighter, fruitier, as opposed to the richer, rounder, more chocolatey cold brew.

This beverage is unique. It is perfect for the summer, perfect for people who love carbonated drinks but don’t want the sugar, and perfect for coffee lovers.