Aeropress® Coffee Maker

The Aeropress® coffee maker is one of the most versatile and affordable coffee brewers in the market. Combining both immersion and pressure, it brews a cup of sweet, rich coffee in a couple of minutes. It is simply assembled and easy to carry, making it one of the favourite coffee apparatus for coffee enthusiasts at home or when traveling (or even camping!).

Included in the box:-

– Aeropress® brewer
– 350 pcs micro-filters + holder
– Funnel
– Stirrer
– Scoop

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The Aeropress® is not only a sophisticated and easy-to-use coffee maker, it is also a lot of fun brewing with it. This versatile brewer have at least 2 common ways of brewing (the “normal” method and the “inverted” method). In our brewing guide here, we illustrate a recipe using the “normal” method but one can easily find other recipes with an inverted Aeropress® online. Checking out the methods used by baristas in the annual World Aeropress® Championship gives an idea of how dynamic the tool really is. There is more than one way to make great coffee!