Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Coffee lovers are mesmerized by the rich, complex and concentrated flavours it provides. There are a number of ways to make a cold brew and this brewing guide introduces the Cold Brew by Immersion method. It is the easiest of all methods and we wish to tell you that anyone can make a decilicious cold brew at home with ease. Becasue this method involves steeping coffee for 12-14 hours, it maybe more suitable for bigger and rounder coffees.

What you need:-

  • Some nice coffee, such as our Seaworthy Blend (and it’s even better sometimes if the coffee is a little old)
  • A bottle and two flasks
  • A cheese cloth, or a Chemex filter paper
  • A scale

Step 1: Grind

Grind 100g of coffee coarsely, a notch more so than that for French Press.

Prepare 465ml water at room temperature.

Step 2: Pour & Steep

Put the ground coffee into the flask and then pour in the water.

Covered, refrigerate for 12-14 hours.

Step 3: Filter

Line a second flask with a piece of chemex filter paper or a cheese cloth. After steeping for 12-14 hours, pour coffee into the second flask, filtering out the grounds.


Step 4: Dilute (optional)

This immersion method produces some pretty concentrated coffee. Some people prefer their drink to be more diluted. We suggest a diluting ratio of 1:1 with cold water.

After the coffee has all been filtered from the grounds, pour it yet once again into a bottle on a scale and see how much coffee you have yielded from the brew. Add the same amount of cold water to dilute the coffee.

Step 5: Ready to serve

Your cold brew is ready! Have it just plain, on rocks, or even with milk!

Keep your coffee in the fridge, it will keep well for up to a week.





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