The Aeropress® is a great and easy-to-use apparatus to extract complex flavours from a coffee, especially for a light to medium roast. There are a number of different ways of how people around the world is using this tool and we are introducing the so-called “normal” method here, having the Aeropress right side up when brewing with the filter paper basket at the bottom. This tool gives a more concentrated cup and some people like to dilute its strength by adding hot water after extraction. However, we at Sinbad Coffee Roasters find it just delicious to take it straight. The light weight of this tool also makes it easy for you to carry around when travelling.

What you need

  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Aeropress brewer and filter
  • A kettle with a narrow pouring sout
  • A digital scale, thermometer, and a stopwatch
  • An 8oz (or bigger) mug for your coffee

Step 1: Grind & Boil

Grind 15g of coffee as fine as table salt.

Boil a kettle of water.

Step 2: Prepare Apparatus

Put in a piece of Aeropress filter paper on the removable cap of the Aeropress brewer. Screw cap back on and put bottom half of brewer on top of mug with basket facing down.

Rinse through with hot water.

Step 3: Put in Coffee

Discard water in the Aeropress brewer and the mug. Put coffee in to bottom part of brewer using a funnel.

Step 4: Pour & Brew

When the water in the kettle reaches 85c (about 2:00 off boil), start the stop watch. Pour 50g of water into the Aeropress brewer and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds. Then continue pouring slowly until scale reads 240g. Stir the brewing coffee gently 3 times so that all coffee grounds are fully saturated. Attach top half of the Aeropress to the bottom half without pressing down.

Wait till stop watch reaches 2 minutes.

Step 5: Extract & Serve

Take the mug together with the Aeropress brewer off the scale onto a sturdy surface. Press down slowly to extract coffee into the mug. Extraction should take around 30 seconds and is completed when you hear a “hiss” sound indicating gas being released at the end of the extraction.

Enjoy your fresh brew!



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